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pp. 85 -
Род Mastoides Westerlund, 1896 (Pulmonata, Enidae)
Шилейко А.А.;
pp. 83 -
Первая находка брюхоногого моллюска Hexaplex trunculus (L., 1758) в северной части Черного моря
Алексеев Д.О.; Фролов Д.С.;
pp. 79 -

Two specimens of bigfin reef squid Sepioteuthis lessoniana Lesson, 1830 were caught by jigging in the Peter the Great Bay (42°37’N, 132°32’E) in October 2005. Both squids, a male with dorsal mantle length (DML) 273 mm and a female with DML 196 mm, were sexually mature, and female had spermatangia implanted into buccal membrane. It was the first record of sexually mature specimens of S. lessoniana in waters of southern Maritime Province of Russia (Primorye). In September 2006 two specimens of bigfin reef squid were caught by handle net in the Peter the Great Bay (42°47’N, 132°00’E): an immature female with DML 177 mm and a sexually mature female with DML 185 mm. Females were not copulated. The occurrence of tropical-subtropical species S. lessoniana in waters of the Peter the Great Bay, is associated with warming up of surface waters in the northwestern Japan Sea in recent years.

О новых находках кальмара Sepioteuthis lessoniana Lesson, 1830 (Cephalopoda, Loliginidae) в заливе Петра Великого (Японское море)
Мокрин Н. М.; Слободской Е. В.;
pp. 73 -

A comparative analysis of shell form in two dreissenid species, Dreissena polymorpha and D. bugensis, from the Rybinsk Reservoir was performed. The adaptations of these mussels to the same conditions have shown to be different. An assumption was made that the presence of a closely-related species in the biocenosis may influence the morphological variability of mussels. 

Морфологическая изменчивость дрейссен (Dreissenidae, Bivalvia) Рыбинского водохранилища при совместном и раздельном обитании
Павлова В. В.;
pp. 69 -

Descriptions of Noneulota gen. nov. with N. surprisa sp. nov. and N. khakassica sp. nov. are presented. The new genus belongs to Hygromiidae (Hygromiinae) and is characterized mainly by abruptly descending last whorl, presence of a strong lip and absence of inner (rudimentary) stylophore.

Новый род и два новых вида Hygromiidae (Pulmonata) из южной Сибири
Шилейко А.А. Хорсак М.;
pp. 65 -

Acrotoma baryshnikovi sp. nov. from northern Georgia (South Ossetia) is described. The species is referred to the subgenus Iliamneme subg. nov.

Новый вид и новый подрод рода Acrotoma O.Boettger, 1881 (Pulmonata, Clausiliidae)
Лихарев И.М.; Шилейко А.А.;
pp. 55 -

The nomenclatorial history and the current taxonomic treatment of the species name Limneus ampla Hartmann, 1821 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae) have been reviewed. It was established that this name cannot be regarded as a junior synonym of Turbo patulus Da Costa, 1778, as it has been suggested by Kruglov and Starobogatov [1983]. The original description of Turbo patulus contradicts the original drawing of the shell; moreover, the species’s author obviously used this name in a quite wide sense, therefore it might be attached to different Palaearctic species of the (sub)genus Radix Montfort, 1810. Moreover, the species L. ampla does not occur in the Britain waterbodies, therefore it hardly could be described by Da Costa under the name Turbo patulus. To prevent possible troubles with using of these taxonomic names in future, we designate the lectotypes of Turbo patulus (based on its original picture) and Limneus ampla here.

Таксономические заметки об европейско-сибирских пресноводных моллюсках. 1. Turbo patulus Da Costa, 1778 не является старшим синонимом Limneus ampla Hartmann, 1821 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae)
Винарский М.В.; Глоэр П.;
pp. 43 -

The history of studies on opisthobranch molluscs of the Northern Black Sea are critically reviewed. Data on opisthobranch distribution and ecology are given, some taxonomical problems are discussed. A non-indigenous, warm-water Atlantic tergipedid species Trinchesia perca (Er. Marcus, 1958) (= Cuthona perca) is recorded in the Black Sea for the first time. Morphological and ecological data on the Black Sea specimens of T. perca are provided. Taxonomy and distribution of T. perca are discussed. This paper begins a series of reviews of opisthobranchs of the Northern Black Sea, based on newly collected material and critical revision of previous records.

Заднежаберные моллюски северной части Черного моря. 1. Краткая история изучения и первое обнаружение голожаберного моллюска Trinchesia perca (Er. Marcus, 1958) (Nudibranchia: Tergipedidae)
Мартынов А.В.; Коршунова Т.А.; Гринцов В.А.;
pp. 33 -

Anatomy of anterior part of digestive system in two representatives of the subfamily Raphitominae, Veprecula vepratica and Tritonoturris subrissoides has been studied. V. vepratica possesses full set of foregut organs while the foregut of T. subrissoides is highly reduced -- radula, venom apparatus, proboscis and salivary glands are absent. In both species there is an additional foregut organ, lacking in other studied representatives of Raphitominae but having analogues in representatives of other groups of Conoidea. The foregut morphology of V. vepratica and T. subrissoides, apparently representing new types of foregut organization for Raphitominae is described, and the possible functioning of these organs is discussed in comparison to analogous structures found in other conoideans.

Анатомия Veprecula vepratica и Tritonoturris subrissoides: новые варианты строения переднего отдела пищеварительной системы в подсемействе Raphitominae (Conoidea)
Федосов А.Э.;