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Anatomy of anterior part of digestive system in two representatives of the subfamily Raphitominae, Veprecula vepratica and Tritonoturris subrissoides has been studied. V. vepratica possesses full set of foregut organs while the foregut of T. subrissoides is highly reduced -- radula, venom apparatus, proboscis and salivary glands are absent. In both species there is an additional foregut organ, lacking in other studied representatives of Raphitominae but having analogues in representatives of other groups of Conoidea. The foregut morphology of V. vepratica and T. subrissoides, apparently representing new types of foregut organization for Raphitominae is described, and the possible functioning of these organs is discussed in comparison to analogous structures found in other conoideans.

Анатомия Veprecula vepratica и Tritonoturris subrissoides: новые варианты строения переднего отдела пищеварительной системы в подсемействе Raphitominae (Conoidea)
Федосов А.Э.;