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Systematic position of the species “Fusus clathratus” Lahusen, 1883 is discussed. It is suggested to be placed in the tribe Eucyclini of the family Trochidae under a new name Gerasimovcyclus lahuseni nom. nov., because the original binomen is a junior homonym of Fusus clathratus Deshayes, 1835, F. clathratus J.C. Sowerby, 1836, and F. clathratus Dujardin, 1837.

Систематическое положение вида Gerasimovcyclus lahuseni nom. nov. (= Fusus clathratus Lahusen, 1883) (Gastropoda) из юрских отложений европейской части России
Гужов А.В.;
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A new genus and new species of the family Tonicellidae are described. This species inhabits Chilean waters near Provincia Valdivia at depths of 0.5-1.5 m where rough seas and nearshore currents are present. It lives among barnacles and feeds on them. This new genus has some features that are typical for genera of the family Mopaliidae, namely Mopalia and Plaxiphora (Fremblia), but it has no caudal sinus in the tail valve and has two petal-shaped processes between the valves.

Новый чилийский хитон-эпизоофаг Gallardoia valdiviensis gen. et sp. nov. (Mollusca, Polyplacophora)
Сиренко Б.И.;
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Chaetoderma felderi is a new species of caudofoveate from the upper slope of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first “giant” representative of the taxon whose size (407 mm in length when alive) in more than twice as large as any known before. The description is based on a specimen found at the depth of 850-610 m during a recent NSF-sponsored dredge-sampling cruise of R/V Pelican in the Gulf of Mexico.

Chaetoderma felderi – новый гигантский вид каудофовеат из Мексиканского залива (Mollusca: Aplacophora)
Иванов Д.Л.; Шелтема А.;
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Neopilina starobogatovi is a new species of monoplacophorans from the southwestern Bering Sea, living at the periphery of hydrothermal zone of Vulkanologov massif. This is the first representative of the class in Russian waters. The description is based on a single specimen found on alive branch of the gorgonarian Parastenella sp., that was sampled by the deep-sea manned submersible «Mir-2» at the depth of 1200 m.

Neopilina starobogatovi - новый вид моноплакофор из Берингова моря, с замечаниями по таксономическому составу семейства Neopilinidae (Mollusca: Monoplacophora)
Иванов Д.Л.; Москалев Л.И.;