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The history of studies on opisthobranch molluscs of the Northern Black Sea are critically reviewed. Data on opisthobranch distribution and ecology are given, some taxonomical problems are discussed. A non-indigenous, warm-water Atlantic tergipedid species Trinchesia perca (Er. Marcus, 1958) (= Cuthona perca) is recorded in the Black Sea for the first time. Morphological and ecological data on the Black Sea specimens of T. perca are provided. Taxonomy and distribution of T. perca are discussed. This paper begins a series of reviews of opisthobranchs of the Northern Black Sea, based on newly collected material and critical revision of previous records.

Заднежаберные моллюски северной части Черного моря. 1. Краткая история изучения и первое обнаружение голожаберного моллюска Trinchesia perca (Er. Marcus, 1958) (Nudibranchia: Tergipedidae)
Мартынов А.В.; Коршунова Т.А.; Гринцов В.А.;