Volume 29

Volume 29 Part 2

Metafruticicolini; phylogeny; systematics; mitochondrial DNA; nuclear DNA; Balkan Peninsula; Albania;
pp. 77 -

The genus-group taxon Elbasania Schileyko et Fehér, 2017 has recently been introduced as a subgenus of Metafruticicola Ihering, 1892 for a species occurring in north-western Greece and Albania. Using mitochondrial and nuclear markers, the phylogenetic relationships of Elbasania within Metafruticicolini (Hygromiidae) are reconstructed. The results of these analyses suggest that Elbasania is more closely related to Hiltrudia Nordsieck, 1993, which has a range adjacent to that of Elbasania from Croatia to northern Albania, than to Metafruticicola. Elbasania shares with Hiltrudia and also Cyrnotheba Germain, 1929 a very characteristic microsculpture of the shell and an overall similar genital system, which however differs among these three taxa with regard to its internal structures, especially those of the penis. Therefore, it is suggested regarding Elbasania as a distinct genus here.

К филогенетическим связям Elbasania Schi­leyko et Fehйr, 2017 (Pulmonata, Helicoidea, Hygromiidae)
Нaйбер М.Т.;
Streptaxidae; Haploptychius; Perrottetia; Thua Thien Hue; Vietnam;
pp. 87 -

The predatory family Streptaxidae is comprised of five species occurring in Thua Thien Hue Province, central Vietnam. The present paper provides an assessment of the literature data relevant to these species and the description of two new species. Haploptychius bachmaensis sp. nov. has an oblique-heliciform shell with elevated spire. The aperture is subcircular, peristome discontinuous, thick and slightly expanded, apertural dentition with one strong parietal lamella. Perrottetia namdongensis sp. nov. has a rounded and protruded shell periphery. The aperture is subcircular, peristome is discontinuous, thick and expanded, apertural dentition with one large, strong parietal lamella, one small upper palatal lamella, one large palatal lamella, one large basal lamella, and one large strong columellar lamella.

Наземные моллюски семейства Streptaxidae J. Gray, 1860 из Туа Тьен Хуэ, Вьетнам, с описанием двух новых видов (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)
Буй Т.Ч.; До В.Н.; Нго Д.Ч.;
terrestrial molluscs; Mollusca; Gastropoda; Carpathians; Europe;
pp. 95 -

All available data and most of materials on Acicula parcelineata from Ukraine are reviewed. Thirteen areas inhabited by the species are reported for Ukraine, some of which include several known sites. Five of these areas were not reported before. Map of general distribution of A. parcelineata is provided (outside Ukraine based on published data). Habitat preferences of this species are reviewed, it occurs in Ukraine almost exclusively in forests with presence of beech, on altitude 300-1100 m. Conservation status of A. parcelineata in Ukraine is shown to be “Near Threatened” according to IUCN criterions, it is recommended to be included into the next edition of Red Book of Ukraine. Shells’ measurements of A. parcelineata are provided and compared with related Platyla jankowskiana. The later species is discussed; it seems to be possible that it represents large abnormal specimens of A. parcelineata.

Наземная улитка Acicula parcelineata (Architaenioglossa: Cyclophoroidea: Aciculidae) в Украине: распространение, изменчивость, биотопическая приуроченность и природоохранный статус
Скворцова В.; Балашов И. ;
Nudibranchia; population genetics; Arctic; Climate Change; Flabellina; Goniodoris;
pp. 103 -

In present paper, we report the first findings of two large and conspicuous nudibranch species for Russian waters - Goniodoris nodosa and Flabellina pellucida. Both species show wide distribution in the northeastern Atlantic waters or even in the northwestern Atlantic in the case of F. pellucida. The morphology of both species was studied using anatomical dissections and scanning electron microscopy. Molecular diversity was assessed by sequencing of COI marker and reconstruction of haplotype networks. In the Barents Sea, both species show minor genetic differences from their European relatives and similar morphological characters. Putative explanations of new findings for Russian Arctic are discussed.

“Виды-вселенцы” Российской Арктики: является ли глобальное потепление реальной причиной? Примечательная находка двух видов голожаберных моллюсков
Екимова И.А.; Антохина Т.И.; Щепетов Д.М. ;
Helicarionidae; Erepta; Mauritius;
pp. 115 -

Anatomical study of five specimens of an endemic species of the Mauritius Island, Erepta odontina (Morelet 1851) showed that within one population disappearing of additional organs of the reproductive tract (epiphallic caecum, penial caecum, penial appendix, flagellum and retractor of penis) occur in four different combinations. It is significant that the shells of all five specimens were practically identical. It is assumed that the described phenomenon has a mutagenic nature and is regarded as a rare (if not unique) case of reduction (up to complete disappearance) of additional organs within one population.

Загадочный вид Erepta odontina (Morelet 1851) (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Helicarionidae)
Шилейко А.А.;