Volume 16

Volume 16 Part 1-2

Nystiellidae; new genus; new species;
pp. 1 -

In the Middle Oxfordian of European Russia a new gastropod was found, for which a new species and genus Liapinella liapini are proposed. This form is referred to the family Nystiellidae.

Liapinella - новый вид эпитониоидей (Gastropoda) изверхней Юры европейской России
Гужов А.В. ;
pp. 5 -

Two new species, Pararetifusus kantori sp. nov. and P. kosugei sp. nov. (Buccinidae: Colinae) are described from the Bering, Okhotsk and Japan seas. New data were obtained on the morphology of the type species of the genus Pararetifusus, P. tenuis.

Два новых вида рода Pararetifusus Kosuge, 1967 (Buccinidae: Colinae) с замечаниями по морфологии Pararetifusus tenuis (Okutani, 1966)
Косьян А.Р.;
pp. 17 -

Based on the shell structure, anatomical and radular characters of seven species recorded from the Russian marine fauna and attributed to genera Latisipho and Helicofusus, L. pharcidus is reduced to the junior synonym of L. hypolispus, whereas L. errones, L. jordani, L. georgianus, and H. luridus – to the synonyms of L. hallii.

Анатомия и таксономический состав рода Latisipho Dall (Gastropoda: Buccinidae) из российских вод
Косьян А.Р.;
pp. 43 -

Some shells of Chlamys behringiana bearing mollusks Trichamathina nobilis at upper valves were collected near North Kurile Islands. Egg capsules were found under most of shells of T. nobilis. Descriptions of egg capsules and larval shells are presented. Evidences of kleptoparasitic relationships between T. nobilis and C. behringiana are presented.

Описание кладок яиц и зародышевой раковины брюхоногого моллюска Trichamathina nobilis (Gastropoda, Capulidae) с замечаниями по взаимоотношению этого вида с двустворчатым моллюском Chlamys behringiana.
Алексеев Д. О.;
pp. 47 -

Radular morphology was studied in detail in 64 species of 7 genera of Turrinae. It is suggested that the so-called “central tooth” is formed by a fusion of 3 teeth: the central one and a pair of lateral. A similar condition was found in some representatives of the subfamilies Cochlespirinae and Crassispirinae (Turridae).

О морфологии и гомологии центрального зуба радулы Turrinae (Conoidea: Turridae)
Кантор Ю. И.;
pp. 53 -

Anomalies in female reproductive system (imposex) were recorded in populations of Buccinum undatum and Nucella lapillus in the White and Barents seas. For Buccinum cyaneum from the Barents Sea the anomalies in reproductive system were not found. 7.7% of females of Buccinum undatum from the White Sea had imposex in 1976, and 6.5% in 2005; in the Barents Sea in 2005 – 29.5%. 46.1% of females of Nucella lapillus from the Barents Sea have imposex. The degree of development of imposex demonstrated that the strait Velikaya Salma of the White Sea is less polluted than the Dal’nezelenetskaya Bay of the Barents Sea. By imposex development and probably by organotin pollution the Barents Sea corresponds to the most clean in this respect areas of the British Islands coast – north-eastern England. Comparison of the data of 1976 and 2005 from the White Sea suggested that certain low percentage of females of Buccinum undatum with imposex may be present in populations inhabiting non-polluted areas.

Морфологические аномалии половой системы у некоторых видов брюхоногих моллюсков (Neogastropoda) Белого и Баренцева морей.
Дгебуадзе П. Ю.; Кантор Ю. И.;
pp. 59 -

The composition of opisthobranch mollusk fauna of the Murman coast of the Barents Sea is described using own and literature data reviewed for the first time. Data on distribution and ecology are given, some taxonomical problems are discussed. Three species new for Russian fauna — Polycera quadrilineata, Doto fragilis and Eubranchus tricolor and one species new for the Subarctic — Embletonia pulchra were discovered. The influence of periodical temperature changes on the opisthobranch fauna composition is discussed.

Обзор мелководных заднежаберных моллюсков мурманского побережья Баренцева моря с новыми данными по распространения и биологии
Мартынов А.В.; Коршунова Т.А.; Савинкин О.В.;
pp. 73 -

The Antarctic genus Guyvalvoria Vayssière, 1906 is revised. The type species of the genus, G. francaisi Vayssière, 1906 is redescribed based on the study of the type and new material. Two new species of the genus Guyvalvoria, G. gruzovi sp. nov. and G. savinkini sp. nov. are described from the Davis Sea and Subantarctic Kerguelen Island. In addition, a new genus and species, Murmania antiqua gen. et sp.nov. is described from off the Murman coast of the Barents Sea (depth 60-300 m). The latter taxon is characterized by a wide body, numerous branched rows of the digestive gland and moderately developed notal rim with an elevated ridge. Radular teeth of Murmania antiqua possess unusual clusters of lateral denticles. The Antarctic genus Guyvalvoria and Subarctic genus Murmania gen. nov. have some similarities in the external appearance, presence of numerous branches of the digestive gland and a tendency to shift of the anus caudally. Morphological peculiarities of the new taxon suggest a new interpretation of the head composition in the family Tergipedidae: the tergipedid head is formed with involving of the postoral lobes of the anterior foot, as distinct from the “typical head”, characteristic of most aeolidacean nudibranchs. This conclusion is supported by a number of examples from the family Tergipedidae and other families of the aeolidaceans. Both Murmania gen. nov. and Guyvalvoria Vayssière, 1906 are considered as one of most basal within the Tergipedidae; transformations of the digestive gland within the family are discussed. Ревизован антарктический род Guyvalvoria Vayssière, 1906.

Архаичные Tergipedidae Арктики и Антарктики: Murmania antiqua gen. et sp. nov. и ревизия рода Guyvalvoria Vayssière с описанием двух новых видов
Мартынов А.В.;
pp. 89 -

A new species Merdigera invisa Kijashko sp. nov. from the high-mountainous part of Northwest Caucasus is described. Taking into account the features of this species, diagnosis of subfamily Merdigerinae Schileyko, 1984 is defined more exactly.

Новый вид рода Merdigera Held, 1837 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Enidae) с северо-западного Кавказа
Кияшко П.В. ;
pp. 93 -

Based on conchological and anatomical study, a new species and genus of the family Enidae is described from Western Transcaucasia.

Pentadentula balandinae gen. et sp. nov. (Pulmonata Enidae) из Западного Закавказья
Суворов А.Н.;