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The article contains additional data on the structure of the penial papillae and the atrial stimulators of the representatives of 13 species and subspecies of 8 (sub)genera of Ariantinae. The existence within the subfamily of five or six variants of structure of the copulative apparatus has been shown. Papilla of the penis or its elements can take on the role of stimulator; in such cases stimulator mostly is reduced down to full disappearance. Reproductive tract of some species has been re-described.

О морфологии копулятивного аппарата некоторых Ariantinae (Pulmonata Helicidae)
Шилейко А.А. ;
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The genus Retifusus was revised on the basis of conchological characters, radular morphology, foregut and stomach anatomy. Ten previously described and one new species are recognized as valid: R. jessoensis (Schrenck, 1863 in 1862-63), R. virens (Dall, 1877), R. olivaceus (Bartsch, 1929), R. laticingulatus (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. roseus (Dall, 1877), R. parvus (Tiba, 1981), R. attenuatus (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. similis (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. iturupus (Golikov et Sirenko, 1998), R. latericeus (Möller, 1842), and R. latiplicatus sp. nov. Chrysodomus brunneus Dall, 1877 was synonymized with R. jessoensis; Bela yanamii Yokoyama, 1926 – with R. virens; Plicifusus saginatus Tiba, 1980 and Retifusus semiplicatus Golikov in Golikov et Scarlato, 1985 – with R. parvus.

Ревизия рода Retifusus Dall, 1916 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae)
Косьян А.Р.; Кантор Ю.И.;
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A comparative analysis of the camera eyes of gastropod pulmonate mollusks Trochulus hispidus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the South Sweden and Kaliningrad Region was carried out on the basis of own and published data. It was demonstrated that the mollusks’ eyes have common structure but different size, and their principle components have more similarities in morphological and optical properties than in anatomical parameters.

Сравнительный анализ камерных глаз брюхоногих легочных моллюсков Trochulus hispidus (Linnaeus, 1758) из Южной Швеции и Калининградской области (Stylommatophora, Hygromiidae)
Шепелева И.П.;
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Annotated check-list of shell-bearing Gastropoda of Murman Coast (Barents Sea Coast of Kola Peninsula) is presented. Based on original material collected in 1996-2013 and literature data 148 species are recorded for the region. Nine species: Skenea rugulosa (G.O. Sars, 1878), Aclis sarsi Dautzenberg et Fischer, 1912, Admete clivicola Høisæter, 2010, Nassarius incrassatus (Strøm, 1768), Raphitoma leufroyi (Michaud, 1828), Taranis moerchi (Malm, 1861), Ondina divisa (J. Adams, 1797), Menestho albula (Fabricius, 1780), Bogasonia volutoides Warén, 1989 were absent in previous reviews of Russian molluscan fauna. Three species with unclear taxonomical position are listed: Skenea cf. trochoides, Omalogyra cf. atomus and Chrysallida sp. A majority of species found in Murman waters have a boreal distribution and are typical for northern European fauna. References to previous studies based on material from Murman Coast as well as original records are listed for each species, some remarkable species are depicted and discussed.

Морские раковинные брюхоногие моллюски Мурмана (Баренцево море): аннотированый список видов
Нехаев И.О. ;
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Leptochiton muelleri Sirenko and Schwabe ( 2011) was known from only 7 specimens found near Sri Lanka. The author in 2010-2014 in Vietnamese waters collected the species from South to North Vietnam. Leptochiton muelleri turned out to be a very wide spread Vietnamese species, found from Con Dao Id. (08º39’N) to Van Don (21º02’N). This minute species was found by using a new method of collecting, described by Sirenko (2012). It is expected that the species will have a wide distribution into the Indo West Pacific Region.

Новые находки мелкого хитона рода Leptochiton (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) во Вьетнамских водах
Сиренко Б. И. ;