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The genus Retifusus was revised on the basis of conchological characters, radular morphology, foregut and stomach anatomy. Ten previously described and one new species are recognized as valid: R. jessoensis (Schrenck, 1863 in 1862-63), R. virens (Dall, 1877), R. olivaceus (Bartsch, 1929), R. laticingulatus (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. roseus (Dall, 1877), R. parvus (Tiba, 1981), R. attenuatus (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. similis (Golikov et Gulbin, 1977), R. iturupus (Golikov et Sirenko, 1998), R. latericeus (Möller, 1842), and R. latiplicatus sp. nov. Chrysodomus brunneus Dall, 1877 was synonymized with R. jessoensis; Bela yanamii Yokoyama, 1926 – with R. virens; Plicifusus saginatus Tiba, 1980 and Retifusus semiplicatus Golikov in Golikov et Scarlato, 1985 – with R. parvus.

Ревизия рода Retifusus Dall, 1916 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae)
Косьян А.Р.; Кантор Ю.И.;