land snails; Saint Helena; taxonomy; systematics; conchology; shell; biogeography; Streptaxidae; Orthurethra;
pp. 69 -

The monotypic land snail genus Campolaemus, known only from Saint Helena Island, has been classified in the family Hypselostomatidae, a family occurring in the eastern Palaearctic and in the Oriental region. Due to biogeographical reasons and morphological traits, especially the arrangement and morphology of apertural barriers, Campolaemus is moved to the family Streptaxidae, which is a pantropic family, being highly diverse in tropical Africa.

Campolaemus Pilsbry, 1892 относится не к Hypselostomatidae, а к Streptaxidae (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata)
Палл-Гергей Б.;