marine mollusks; ultrastructure; osphradium; osmoreception; mechanoreception;
pp. 33 -

TEM and SEM electron microscopy have been used to study osphradia in 6 species of marine Caenogastropoda. The ultrastructural features of mechanoreceptor cells that perform the Littorina osmoreception function in osphradium organs are presented. Mechanoreception is based on a possible change in the volume of cisterns of microvilli of supporting cells, which can be transmitted by the cilia of nearby mechanoreceptor cells. These cells obviously, have mechanosensory channels on the apical surface. It has been first discovered in predatory molluscs actively searching for food, that single receptor cells with a mobile sensilla consisting of several cilium were joined together. They are located along the groove zone and follow the direction and force of the movement of water along the osphradium lamellae.

Возможные механорецепторные структуры в осфрадиях морских Caenogastropoda
Камардин Н.Н.;