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A detail description of the shell and reproductive system of Elia novorossica is given and illustrated. The populations of this species on the Donetsk Upland in Ukraine are established as a new subspecies – E. novorossica nagolnica subsp. nov. Distribution and habitats of this subspecies are described in detail. Three populations of E. novorossica are currently known on Donetsk Upland, one of which is discovered for the first time. All these populations inhabit oak forests along the small rivers in the basin of the Nagolna river, in the highest part of upland. A conservation status of E. novorossica in Ukraine is considered as critically endangered, which is true for the new subspecies on the global level. Species composition of terrestrial molluscs in the locations of E.novorossica and on adjacent territories is adduced.

Elia novorossica (Stylommatophora, Clausiliidae) в Украине: описание, местообитания, охранный статус, сопутствующие наземные моллюски
Балашёв И. ;