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On the Transbaikalia territory in the refuge lake 6 species of anodontine bivalves of the genus Amuranodonta, known from different localities in Lower Amur basin, Sakhalin Island and southern Primorye Territory of Russia were recorded: A. lomakini (Zatrawkin et Bogatov, 1987), A. boloniensis Zatrawkin et Bogatov, 1987, A. kijaensis Moskvicheva, 1973, A. sitaensis Bogatov et Starobogatov, 1996, A. parva Moskvicheva, 1973, and A. pulchra Bogatov et Starobogatov, 1996. Morphology of shells and soft bodies of discovered species are described, while interspecific differences are estimated by different methods. Basing on the reliability of estimates of interspecific differences, only 4 valid species could be recognized.

Беззубки (Bivalvia, Anodontinae) из озера Арейского — водоема-рефугиума Забайкалья
Клишко О. К.;