Volume 28

Volume 28 Part 4

land molluscs; steppe zone; species diversity; chorology;
pp. 131 -

At the end of the XX – beginning of the XXI century 85 species of the land molluscs of 49 genera and 25 families were reliably registered in the steppe zone of Ukraine. The highest species richness was recorded in the northern steppe subzone (79 species). The main centers of the species diversity are the Donetsk Upland (65% of the total number of species) and the western part of the Black Sea Lowland with the southern spurs of the Podolian Upland adjoining it (55%). The modern composition of the land molluscs fauna of the steppe zone is influenced by the proximity of the Caucasus (for the southeast of Ukraine), the Podolian Upland (for the North-Western Black Sea coast) and the Crimea (for the entire investigated territory). Anthropochory plays an important role in the formation of the land molluscs complexes in the steppe zone of Ukraine.

Пространственное распределение наземной малакофауны степной зоны Украины
Гураль-Сверлова Н.В. ;
sexual dimorphism; variation; taxonomy;
pp. 139 -

The locations of Boreoelona contortrix in the waterbodies of Western Siberia and Kazakhstan are reported as well as the data on morphology of shells and copulatory apparatuses of the species from different parts of its range. The interpopulation variation is considered. On the basis of anatomical and morphometric study, it has been shown that there are no statistically significant differences between males and females of B. contortrix. Some problems related to taxonomic diagnostics of the Boreoelona snails are discussed.  

Boreoelona contortrix (Lindholm, 1909) (Bithyniidae, Gastropoda, Mollusca) в водоемах Западной Сибири и Казахстана
Андреева С.И.; Андреев Н.И.; Лазуткина Е.А. ;
pp. 151 -

Morphological and optical properties of tentacular epidermis and cornea of the eyes of some species of terrestrial gastropod pulmonate molluscs were studied and their evolutionary transformations were estimated. It was demonstrated that all examined properties of tentacular epidermis and cornea of those species are typical for terrestrial pulmonates. In the course of evolution tentacular epidermis of terrestrial pulmonate molluscs was modified to less extent than cornea, and both these structures underwent minor changes in comparison with analogous structures of the eyes of marine prosobranch molluscs.

Морфологические и оптические свойства и эволюционные изменения щупальцевого эпидермиса и роговицы глаз наземных брюхоногих моллюсков (Pulmonata, Stylommatophora)
Шепелева И.П. ;
pp. 157 -

The new data about seasonal dynamics of species composition, abundance and biomass of molluscs on soft sediments in the corner part of the Sevastopol bay were analyzed. 24 species of molluscs were recorded in 2006-2007. The microdistribution of Mollusca at stations depends on salinity. The trophic structure of molluscs’community was determinated and includes 6 trophic groups.

Новые данные по сезонной динамике качественного и количественного состава моллюсков в вершинной части Севастопольской бухты (Черное море)
Макаров М. В. ;
pp. 163 -

Only four species of the family Cancellariidae had been reported from the Arctic. However, known distribution of three of them had been limited by the extreme north of the eastern Atlantic so far. The present paper describes findings of Admete contabulata Friele, 1879 from the Barents and the Kara seas and Iphinopsis inflata (Friele, 1879) from the Pacific part of the Arctic Ocean. Lectotype for Admete contabulata is here designated.

Распространение Admete contabulata и Iphinopsis inflata в Арктике (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae)
Нехаев И.О.;
pp. 169 -

Study of the reproductive tract of Helix pseudomiara Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908, formally attributed to the genus Trachia, and its comparison with other anatomically studied species of the genus, made it necessary to reconsider the taxonomic structure of the taxon. It is shown that four species, whose anatomy is known, belong to four genera, differing both conchologically and anatomically. Descriptions and diagnoses (based on their type species) of genera Trachia Martens, 1860 (type species Helix asperella Pfeiffer, 1846), Bellatrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix pseudomiara Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908), Pseudotrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix vittata Müller, 1774), and Neotrachia gen. nov. (type species Helix duporti Bavay et Dautzenberg, 1908) are presented.

O роде Trachia auct. (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Camaenidae)
Шилейко A.A.;