Volume 28

Volume 28 Part 2

COI; exon-capture; new species; new genus;
pp. 47 -

In the course of preparation of a new molecular phylogeny of Conoidea based on exon-capture some new species and species with notable morphology were revealed. The taxonomy of these species is discussed and the radula of most of them illustrated for the first time. New genera are described: Comispira gen. nov. (Cochlespiridae), type species Leucosyrinx mai Li et Li, 2008; Pagodaturris gen. nov. (Clavatulidae), type species Pleurotoma molengraaffi Tesch, 1915. New species: Comispira compta gen. et sp. nov., Sibogasyrinx sangeri sp. nov. (both Cochlespiridae), Pagodaturris philippinensis gen. et sp. nov. (Clavatulidae), Horaiclavus micans sp. nov., Iwaoa invenusta sp. nov. (both Horaiclavidae), Lucerapex cracens sp. nov., Lucerapex laevicarinatus sp. nov. (Turridae), Heteroturris kanacospira sp. nov. (Borsoniidae). Epideira Hedley, 1918 reallocated from Pseudomelatomidae to Horaiclavidae The radulae of Kuroshioturris nipponica (Shuto, 1961) (Turridae), Leucosyrinx verrillii (Dall, 1881), Leucosyrinx luzonica (Powell, 1969), comb. nov. are illustrated for the first time.

Новые и необычные глубоководные Conoidea, ревизованные на основании строения раковины, радулы и ДНК
Кантор Ю.И.; Федосов А.Э.; Пулляндр Н. ;
gastropods; egg cases; Okhotsk Sea;
pp. 83 -

Eleven egg cases of Beringius marshalli (Dall, 1919) (Gastropoda: Buccinidae: Beringiinae) were found in the north part of Okhotsk Sea. Egg cases consist of 2-7 rounded capsules. Largest capsule has 54 mm in height and 31 mm in thickness. Capsule contains 2-3 embryos and numerous nurse eggs. Some egg capsules contained 2-3 young specimens (height 15.8, diameter 7.1 mm), which have well-developed calcareous shells.

Кладки и яйцевые капсулы брюхоногого моллюска Beringius marshalli (Dall, 1919) (Gastropoda: Buccinidae: Beringiinae)
Гульбин В.В. ;
sexual dimorphism; variation; Yakutia;
pp. 87 -

The findings of the freshwater snail Boreoelona ehrmanni endemic to the Far East from the waterbodies of Yakutsk City are described. It is shown on the basis of dissections of snails and morphometric study of their shells that there are no statistically significant differences between the males and females of B. ehrmanni.

Находки Boreoelona ehrmanni Prozorova et Starobogatov, 1991 (Bithyniidae, Gastropoda, Mollusca) в водоемах города Якутска
Андреева С. И.; Андреев Н. И. ;