Volume 25

Volume 25 Part 3

Red Data book; Japan Sea; Posjeta Bay; range extension;
pp. 73 -

Additional specimens of Papyriscala tricincta were collected for the first time since original description of the species. Comparison of the shells with several similar Indo-Pacific species allowed us to conclude that P. tricincta is a junior subjective synonym of the broadly distributed Epitonium clementinum.

О таксономическом положении и распространении Papyriscala tricincta Golikov in Golikov et Scarlato, 1967 (Gastropoda: Epitonidae)
Гульбин В.В.; Кантор Ю.И.;
pp. 77 -

On the basis of the newly available material, the previously monotypical genus Fusipagoda was revised. In addition to the type species, Mohnia exquisita, two more were attributed to the genus – Colus sapius and Mohnia corbis. A new species, Fusipagoda itohabei sp. nov., is described.

Об абиссальном роде Fusipagoda Habe et Ito, 1965 (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae) из северной части Тихого океана
Косьян А.Р.; Кантор Ю.И.;
pp. 89 -

Buccinum rodgersi Gould, 1860, described from the Bering strait (between the Bering and Chukchi Seas) was never recorded or mentioned in literature since 1883 (with the exception of bibliographical work of R. Johnson, 1964). As it was found that although the species name is not used in current literature, the species was recorded in the Far-East seas of Russia [Sirenko et al., 2013] under the other name, Plicifusus mcleani Sirenko, 2009. In this paper Buccinum rodgersi is transferred to Plicifusus Dall, 1902. Plicifusus mcleani Sirenko, 2009 is considered as its junior synonym.

Забытый вид из Берингова пролива – Buccinum rodgersiGould, 1860 (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae)
Меркульев А.В.;
pp. 93 -

In May 2014, numerous specimens of Cepaea hortensis were found in Vidnoe, a town 5 km south from the Moscow City. C. hortensis is the third species of the genus introduced in the Moscow Region. The nearest locality of C. hortensis is known from the Vitebsk Region of the Republic of Belarus (about 550 km W of Moscow). Now C. hortensis is reported from one site of Vidnoe town, where it forms a stable population. Also, a few specimens of this species were collected in the park of Timiryazev’s Agriculture Academy in northern part of Moscow City.

Первая находка интродуцированной улитки Cepaea hortensis (Müller, 1774) (Stylommatophora: Helicidae) в центральной части Европейской России.
Егоров Р.;
pp. 99 -

The anatomical study of slugs, collected between 2009 and 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lvov and Kharkov Regions of Ukraine, shows the presence of only one species from the complex Arion subfuscus. By size, colour and position of the gonad, relative width of the anterior part of oviduct and by the arrangement of distal parts of reproductive system all studied specimens belonged to Arion fuscus.

Слизни из комплекса Arion subfuscus (Arionidae) на равнинной территории Украины
Гураль-Сверлова Н. В.; Гураль Р. И. ;
pp. 103 -

Dissection of adult specimens of Campylaea illyrica showed that penial papilla of this species
is very similar to those of the type species of the genus Faustina.

Новые сведения о Campylaea illyrica (Stabile, 1864) (Pulmonata, Helicidae, Ariantinae)
Шилейко А. А.;