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In the paper of Merkuljev A.V. 2017. “Taxonomic puzzle of Propebela arctica (A. Adams, 1855) (Gastropoda, Mangeliidae) – six different species under single name”, published in vol. 27(1): 15-30 the misprint has been found. On p. 26 in the caption to Fig. 5, the 9-th line from the bottom, instead of “C. georgossiani sp. nov. C. The holotype, ZIN 21768/1” read “C. georgossiani sp. nov. C. Paratype, ZIN 51254/2.”

Erratum в статье Меркульева А.В. 2017
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Three species, attributed to buccinid genus Plicifusus, had been previously known from the Arctic: Plicifusus kroeyeri (Møller, 1842), P. johanseni Dall, 1919, and P. rodgersi (Gould, 1860). Study of museum collections and recently obtained material from the Laptev and East Siberian seas resulted in discovery of Plicifusus maehirai Tiba, 1980, previously known from the Northern Pacific, and Plicifusus sp., which probably belongs to an undescribed species. P. johanseni has been found in the Russian waters for the first time. Lectotype of P. johanseni has been designated.

Новые находки видов Plicifusus в российской Арктике (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae)
Косьян А.Р.; Нехаев И.О. ;
Gural-Sverlova N. V.; Amiryan A. L.; Gural R. I.;
land snails; Yerevan; Kotayk Region; Ararat Region; Vayots Dzor Region;
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In 2015-2016 land molluscs from 43 localities in Ararat Region, Vayots Dzor Region and Kotayk Region as well as in Yerevan were investigated. The introduced species Monacha fruticola and Oxychilus cf. filicum were first discovered on the territory of Armenia. One new locality of the rare species Orculella ruderalis, listed in the Red Book of Armenia, was found. The some pecularities of the intraspecific variability of the shells of O. ruderalis and Pseudochondrula tetrodon were described.

К изучению наземных моллюсков Армении
Гураль-Сверлова Н. В. ; Амирян А. Л.; Гураль Р. И. ;
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Limax flavus Linnaeus, 1758 not previously recorded in Central Asia was found in Uzbekistan. The total number of adventitious species in Central Asia is 12; six species are migrants from Asia (Caucasus); six from Europe. Nine species were found before 1990, while three after 1991. Of these seven species are slugs (58%); nine of adventitious species are kolonozoids, three – epecozoids.

Некоторые адвентивные виды наземных моллюсков Центральной Азии
Шиков Е. В.;
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Based on the study of the reproductive tract of Metafruticicola occidentalis Subai, 1999, it is shown that the species belongs to a new subgenus (Elbasania subgen. nov.). For comparison, the anatomy of seven species of the genus Metafruticicola (including type species) has been studied. It is shown that the species of this genus are clearly distinguished from one another by the structure of the copulative apparatus (mainly of penial papilla). Comparison of the genus Metafruticicola with the representatives of other genera of Hygromiidae that have no accessory organs on the vagina is conducted. We suggest that the genus Cyrnotheba Germain, 1929 may belong to the subfamily Metafruticicolinae while the genus Caucasocressa does not belong to this subfamily and might be included in the subfamily Monachainae. Problems of taxonomic structure of the genus Metafruticicola briefly discussed.

Новые данные по анатомии и заметки по таксономии Metafruticicolinae (Pulmonata, Hygromiidae)
Шилейко А.; Фехер З. ;
parasites; Arctic; new species record; distribution;
pp. 59 -

New findings of four gastropod species: Melanella laurae, Hemiaclis ventrosa (family Eulimidae), Chrysallida sublustris and Odostomia acuta (family Pyramidellidae) are described. O. acuta was previously confused by Russian authors with H. ventrosa, distribution of both species in the Barents Sea is limited by the coastal waters of Finmark and Murman. M. laurae and C. sublustris were found for the first time in the adjacent to the Barents Sea parts of the Arctic Ocean.

Новые находки моллюсков семейств Eulimidae и Pyramidellidae (Gastropoda) в Баренцевом море и прилегающих районах Полярного бассейна
Нехаев И.О.;