North-West Pacific; integrative systematics; biodiversity; phylogeny; biogeography; Mollusca; Gastropoda;
pp. 69 -

In this paper we investigate a collection of nudibranch molluscs from Sakhalin Is. by means of integrative taxonomy, including morphological analyses, and molecular data from the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, 16S rRNA, Histone H3 and 28S rRNA markers. Material used in this study was collected during two independent research programs: the expedition of the R/V “Akademic Oparin” (Russia) to the Sea of Okhotsk, July 2019 at depths of 38–282 m, and the survey of Cape Crillon biodiversity in August 2023, at depths of 0.5–20 m. Our integrative results revealed clear cases of the unknown diversity within some groups of the nudibranch molluscs. Among the dorid nudibranchs, the new species Adalaria boussoleana sp. nov. is described and differs in morphological and molecular characters from other species of the genus. Also, among specimens of the genus Cadlina we have detected two genetically distinct groups, one is close to C. umiushi and another group likely represents a new species for science. Their morphology is similar to the diagnosis of C. umiushi and may represent a case of true cryptic diversity. Among the cladobranch molluscs our results revealed a new species of the genus Cuthonella described herein under the name Cuthonella anastasia sp. nov. Four species are recorded for Sakhalin Is. waters for the first time: Cadlina umiushi, Onchimira cavifera, Eubranchus rupium and E. alexeii. After this paper, the total nudibranch fauna of Sakhalin Is. includes 21 species. Although we have limited numbers of nudibranch species in Sakhalin waters due to low sampling effort, a comparison of the biogeographic affinities of species from different regions is consistent with the presence of a biogeographic boundary between northeastern and southwestern Sakhalin.

Голожаберные моллюски острова Сахалин, северо-западная часть Тихого океана: новые находки и описание двух новых видов
Екимова И.А.; Гришина Д.Ю.; Никитенко Е.Д.;