Amur River; bivalve; Amuranodonta kijaensis; glochidia;
pp. 35 -

Information on distribution of protected freshwater bivalve Amuranodonta kijaensis (Bivalvia, Unionidae, Anodontinae) is being clarified. For the Amur Region, three new locations of the species are indicated: Yatsenkovo and Peresheechnoye lakes on the territory of the Khingan Nature Reserve and Zeya Reservoir at the Beregovoy settlement. First record of A. kijaensis near Chnyrrakh village (Nikolaevsky District, Khabarovsk Territory) confirms the presence of the species in the Lower Amur basin. Data on morphometric analysis of collected shells of adult mollusks is presented. Using scanning electron microscopy, morphology of glochidial shells with special focus on microsculpture of the outer valves structure is investigated.

Новые данные об охраняемом пресноводном двустворчатом моллюске Amuranodonta kijaensis Moskvicheva, 1973 (Unionidae, Anodontinae)
Саенко Е.М.; Балан И.В.; Гафицкая И.В.; Широкая А.А.;