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A revision of Black Sea chitons of the genus Lepidochitona has been conducted. The revision revealed new features of intrageneric similarity and differences of Black Sea species as well as with Mediterranean species. Species similarity of Black Sea and Mediterranean representatives of Lepidochitona cinerea is confirmed. A new species L. bondarevi sp. nov. is described. Previously its specimens were attributed erroneously to L. caprearum. The new species differs from L. caprearum in having a less broad head valve, shorter apophyses, a much longer postmucronal area on the tail valve, 7–8 longitudinal grooves around the upper half of dorsal girdle spicules and smooth dorsal girdle needles.

Lepidochitona bondarevi sp. nov. (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) из Черного моря и его родственники
Сиренко Б. И.;