pp. 129 -

The taxonomic and biogeographical composition of gastropod molluscs in the antique part of the fund collection of the State Historical and Archaeological museum-preserve Tauric Chersonese was diagnosed and analyzed. The complex of molluscs includes species from the Black Sea, Mediterranean, and Indo-Pacific groups. The shells of the European horn of Triton Charonia seguenzae were found only in Chersonese. To establish probable trade links between Chersonese and the Scythian-Sarmatian and Goth-Alanian worlds, the studied mollusc complex has been compared with archaeological finds in the Crimea and beyond. The biogeographical composition of mollusc complexes from the archaeological layers of Chersonese and "barbarian" necropolises has been shown to be identical, indicating the unity of the sources and the import route of shells.

Раковины морских брюхоногих моллюсков из культурных слоев и некрополя Херсонеса Таврического как трассеры торговых и культурных связей в античное время
Бондарев И.П.; Букатов А.А.; Вахонеев В.В.;