Hernández Quinta M.; Bauzá Hernández M.A.; Franke S.; Fernández Velázquez A.;
pp. 155 -

A new genus and species of Cepolidae are described from the Island of Cuba: Plagiosimilis gibarensis gen. et sp. nov. It is classified in Cepolidae based on the following diagnostic characteristics of the family: dart apparatus consisting of a dart sac with a pedunculated gland on its apical side, both covered by a sheath; at the base of the dart apparatus there are two accessory glands; absence of a diverticulum. The specimens from the new genus come from the northern part of the Holguin province in the vicinity of the town of Gibara and live in special habitat dominated by Tillandsia plants. Shell with the rounded last whorl last very globular round, circular umbilicus and strongly reflected lip distinguish conchologically the new genus. The reproductive system and the shell differ from the other genera, although it have a certain similarity with the genera Plagioptycha and Hemitrochus.

Новый род и вид Cepolidae is Кубы (Pulmonata, Helicoidea)
Эрнандес Куинта М.; Бауза Эрнандес М. А.; Франке Ш.; Фернандес Веласкес А.;