Bivalvia; Sphaeriidae; fauna; distribution; ecology; Urals;
pp. 135 -

The article is devoted to the fauna of Bivalvia (family Sphaeriidae) of waterbodies and watercourses of the eastern slope of the Polar and Pre-Polar Urals. The fauna of freshwater clams of this region remains practically unexplored. This study aimed at identification of the species content of Bivalvia and publication of images of their shells. We analyzed both qualitative and quantitative samples of molluscs as well as fish stomach contents. The identification of the material was based on conchological features, including the hinge structure. In total, 31 sphaeriid species is reported, and the annotated check-list, brief zoogeographic characteristics of the fauna, and shell images are provided. Most species demonstrate a limited spatial distribution within the studied area. The causes of discrepancies between published lists of sphaeriid species are discussed.

Материалы к фауне пресноводных двустворчатых моллюсков водоемов и водотоков восточного склона Полярного и Приполярного Урала
Андреева С.И.; Андреев Н.И.; Бабушкин Е.С.;;