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Vietnam with its limestone ranges that are concentrated mainly in northern, north–central and southern parts, and many different limestone islands running along the coastline, has a phylogenetically-diverse land snails fauna dominated by endemic species. The genus Cyclophorus (Cyclophoridae) in Vietnam is studied. Sixty species and subspecies from various habitats of limestone areas throughout Vietnam are confirmed and recorded. New species and subspecies, Cyclophorus implicatus kanhoensis ssp. nov., from Northwestern Vietnam, and Cyclophorus tamdaoensis sp. nov., from Northern Vietnam are described and discussed. In this paper, the Cyclophorus courbeti var. leucostoma Dautzenberg et Fischer, 1905, is elevated to subspecies.

Семейство Cyclophoridae во Вьетнаме (Gastropoda: Cyclophoroidea): род Cyclophorus Montfort, 1810
До Д.С.; До В.Н.;