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Development of the larval and juvenile shells of the White Sea bivalve Zirfaea crispata has been studied. The main stages of shell development from D-stage to early juveniles were described. The formation of larval hinge, consisting of two small teeth on the left valve and two teeth of different size on the right valve was observed. The complex shape of the large tooth on the right valve was noted at the pre- metamorphosis stages. Development of a structure, typical for certain Pholadidae – an articular connection on the ventral edge of the shell was recorded. This connection consists of a rectangular tooth on the right valve and a depression, flanked by small projections, on the left valve. The ventral connection starts to form at the larval size of 300 µm and becomes fully formed prior to metamorphosis. After metamorphosis the ventral connection does not disappear, but continues to grow with the growing edge of dissoconch. The role and functional importance of this structure in Zirfaea is discussed.

Развитие личиночной и ювенильной раковины сверлящего двустворчатого моллюска Zirfaea crispata (Bivalva, Pholadidae) в Белом море
Флячинская Л.П.; Лезин П.А.;