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Three new species of the genus Stenosemus collected near Fiji and Solomon Islands of the central Pacific are described here. Stenosemus fijiensis sp. nov. from Fiji differs from the congeneric species by a unique sculpture of the central areas of tegmentum, consisting of triangular pits and light brown spots on valves. S. philippei sp. nov. and S. solomonensis sp. nov., both from the Solomon Islands, differ from other the species of the genus by having a head of major lateral tooth of radula bicuspidate with small outer denticle, shape and sculpture of dorsal spicules and sculpture of tegmentum.

Глубоководные хитоны рода Stenosemus (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) из Фиджи и Соломоновых островов
Сиренко Б.И.;