bivalves; species composition; Maliy Yugan River; Western Siberia;
pp. 191 -

The data on the fauna and distribution of Bivalvia in the Malyi Yugan River basin (Western Siberia, Tyumen Region) are provided. The aquatic malacofauna of this territory has not been studied previously. In 2013-2014, the Malyi Yugan River as well as seven its tributaries, two connected waterbodies, seven floodplain lakes and a singe moraine lake have been sampled. As a results, the data on average density and biomass of bivalves in the waterbodies, a list of 49 species belonging to 4 families, and a brief zoogeographical characteristic of the fauna are provided. The malacofauna of rivers whose drainage basins are situated in swampy areas proved to be rather specific due to unusual life conditions for molluscs. Some peculiarities of behavior of molluscs in different habitats are discussed. The species composition of bivalves in sampled by us rivers drastically differs between waterbodies.

Фауна и распределение двустворчатых моллюсков (Bivalvia) в бассейне р. Малый Юган (Среднее Приобье)
Андреев Н.И.; Андреева С.И.; Бабушкин Е.С.;