shell traits; reproductive system; molecular markers; ISSR; 18S rDNA; 16S rDNA; COI; phylogeny;
pp. 175 -

The paper reveals high intra- and interspecific variability of conchological characters, features of the reproductive system, as well as ISSR- DNA markers in steppe snails Helicopsis spp. (Gastropoda, Pulmonata), that imposes certain restrictions on the use of these indicators for species identification. Therefore, these characters were supplemented by the sequences of the conservative fragments of nuclear and mitochondrial genes (18S rDNA, 16S rDNA and COI) with good taxonomic signal, which increased the accuracy of our phylogenetic reconstructions. It is demonstrated that along with Western European species Helicopsis striata, a previously unknown Helicopsis sp. inhabits territory of the Southern Mid-Russian Upland. This species is phylogenetically close to the Crimean group of species of this genus. It has been shown that the rate of mitochondrial genes evolution in different species of Helicopsis differ, with the highest value found in taxa with broad distribution range.

К проблеме систематики рода Helicopsis (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Hygromiidae) на территории Восточной Европы
Сычёв А.А.; Снегин Э.А.;