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Adventive fauna is a heterogenic and regarding to the entry time, heterochronic group of species in a regional fauna formed as a result of migrations through a direct or an indirect human influence. 96 species of terrestrial snails are found in the Moscow and Tver Regions. 25(26%) of them are alien. The adventive species belong to 15 genera of 9 families. The alien species are classified herein by geographical, chronological and ecological parameters. According to their naturalization degree, the alien species can be classified into 3 groups. Domestizoids are the species inhabiting buildings (as houses, cellars, vegetable stores, greenhouses, etc). Colonozoids are species inhabiting secondary biotopes for a long time but not dispersing further. Epecozoids are species that have occupied anthropogenic biotopes and are continuously dispersing. Negative influence of the alien species on the aboriginal malacological fauna is recorded but that does not diminish the terrestrial species diversity in this area yet.

Адвентивные виды наземной малакофауны центра Русской равнины
Шиков Е.В.;