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Five new species of Olivoidea are described based on molecular and morphological evidence: four shallow subtidal Ancilla from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, and one deep water (500-600 m) Calyptoliva from the Tuamotus. The sympatric – but not syntopic - Ancilla morrisoni and A. kaviengensis, from New Ireland province, are morphologically cryptic, differing mostly in shell colour, but are molecularly distinct. The sympatric – and possibly syntopic - Ancilla atimovatae and A. lhaumeti, belong to a species flock from southernmost Madagascar;  A. atimovatae is conchologically nearly indistinguishable from A. ventricosa, but differs markedly in radular morphology. Calyptoliva was previously known only from the Coral Sea; C. bbugeae is the first representative of the genus to yield molecular data. The new Ancilla are described based on sequenced holotypes; the type material of the new Calyptoliva includes a sequenced paratype.

Интегративный таксономический подход к Индо-Пацифическим Olividae: новые виды, выявленные по молекулярным и морфологическим данным
Кантор Ю.И.; Федосов А.Э.; Пулляндр Н.; Буше Ф. ;