Colinae; morphology; anatomy; systematics; North Pacific; new species; lectotype designation;
pp. 85 -

The genus Retimohnia McLean, 1995 is revised based on conchology, radular morphology, foregut and stomach anatomy. Ten previously described species are recognized as valid: R. frielei (Dall, 1891), R. bella (Ozaki, 1958), R. vernalis (Dall, 1913), R. clarki (Dall, 1907), R.hondoensis (Dall, 1913), R.micra (Dall, 1907), R. sordida (Dall, 1907) comb. nov., R. robusta (Dall, 1913), R. caelata (Verrill et Smith, 1880), R. acadiana García, 2008. two species are described as new: R. lussae sp. nov, and R. mcleani sp. nov. R.japonica (Dall, 1913) is reduced to a junior synonym of R. micra, R. clementina (Dall, 1919) considered as a junior synonym of R clarki. Five species are excluded from the genus. Lectotypes designated for Mohnia frielei, Mohnia vernalis, Mohnia sordida, Mohnia clarki.

Ревизия рода Retimohnia McLean, 1995 (Gastropoda: Buccinidae)
Косьян А.Р.; Кантор Ю.И. ;