pp. 49 -

The description of the new genus Antarctophiline gen. nov. with the type species Philine gibba is given based on penial and gizzard morphology. The new genus includes also A. alata and A. amoena. The anatomy of Antarctophiline gibba shows many similarities with “Philinealba and “Philine“ alboides. The new genus definitely doesn’t belong to Philinidae s.str. It differs from Laonidae in lacking of gizzard plates and has some similarities with the family Philinorbidae. The new genus is tentatively placed into the family Philinorbidae. Features of morphology of Antarctophiline gibba described from different localities are discussed.

Новый род заднежаберных моллюсков Antarctophiline gen. nov. (Cephalaspidea: Philinoidea) из моря Содружества, Антарктика
Чабан Е.М.;