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The species composition and quantitative distribution of freshwater gastropods in 26 water bodies of the Vishtynets upland (Kaliningrad region, Russia) are described. Samplings were made in 2013–2014. There were found 24 species of gastropods – 6 Prosobranchia and 18 Pulmonata. Most of obtained species are members of the permanent water body communites: Planorbarius corneus, Bithynia tentaculata, Lymnaea stagnalis, Viviparus contectus, Stagnicola corvus, Radix auricularia, Radix balthica, Planorbis planorbis, Physa fontinalis and Anisus vortex. Radix ampla, Ancylus fluviatilis and Aplexa hypnorum were found in the studied area for the first time. 14 species known from the literature inhabit the Vishtynets lake were absent in studied samples. The thanatocoenoses in the trout rivers with high speed current include freshwater gastropod shells that are typical for the stagnant water bodies. In studied samples some invasive species that were previously recorded for the adjacent areas of the Poland and the Kaliningrad region were absent. Five of recorded species are included in the Red Data Book of the Kaliningrad region.

Характеристика фауны пресноводных брюхоногих моллюсков Виштынецкой возвышенности (Калининградская область, Россия)
Манаков Д.В.;