Keywords: history of malacology; taxonomy; nomenclature; type series; freshwater Bivalvia; freshwater Gastropoda;
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Eduard von Martens (1831–1904) was a prominent German malacologist of the nineteenth century contributed heavily to taxonomy and zoogeography of different groups of Mollusca and created a plethora of taxonomic names of the genus and species rank. The type materials of the species described by him are kept now in the Berlin Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkunde). This article deals with von Martens’ role as a student of continental snails and bivalves of the former Russian Empire. Though von Martens did not travelled to Russia himself, he was able to study numerous samples of mollusks provided to him by both Russian and German explorers. It made him a great student of Russian malacofauna of that time. Most of von Martens works in this field were devoted to investigation of continental mollusks of the underexplored regions of the Russian Empire (Siberia, Russian Turkestan, Caucasus). At least 15 species described by von Martens are accepted as valid by the Russian malacologists. The article contains detailed accounts of the 15 species with illustrations of their type materials (lectotypes, syntypes), notes on distribution, taxonomy and nomenclature of these taxa.

Вклад Эдуарда фон Мартенса в познание континентальной малакофауны России (с изучением типовых материалов по водным видам, принимаемым российскими систе­м­а­тиками)
Винарский М. В.;