Bolotov I.; Bespalaya Y.; Aksenova O.; Bolotov N.; Gofarov M.; Kondakov A.; Spitsyn V.; Tumpeesuwan S.; Vikhrev I.;
Indawgyi Lake; freshwater clams; morphological characters;
pp. 19 -

Pisidium nevillianum Theobald, 1876, a common pea clam species that widely ranged from India to Indochina, was recorded in the Indawgyi Lake, Northern Myanmar for the first time. These specimens share the same or very similar 16S rRNA haplotypes as specimens from Nepal (geographic distance of over 1,400 km), which could reveal a high dispersal rate of the species, likely via water birds. Same high dispersal possibilities were observed for many other sphaeriid species.

Первая находка Pisidium nevillianum Theobald, 1876 (Bivalvia: Sphaeriidae) в Мьянме
Болотов И.; Беспалая Ю.; Аксенова O.; Болотов Н.; Гофаров M.; Кондаков A.; Спицын В.; Тумпеесуван С.; Вихрев И. ;