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This paper reports the systematics of the Clausiliidae species occurring in Son La Province, Vietnam. Specimens of 15 species and subspecies of Clausiliidae from Son La were investigated based on their shell characteristics. The subspecies Garnieria mouhoti nhuongi subsp. nov. was collected in Phu Yen, Muong Do, approximately 200 km NE of the type locality of the nominotypical subspecies Garnieria mouhoti mouhoti. This is the first species of genus Garnieria Bourguignat, 1877 from Vietnam.

Наземные брюхоногие семейства Clausiliidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) из Сон Ла, Вьетнам, с описанием нового подвид
До Д.С.; До В.Н.;