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Several species of freshwater snails are for the first time registered from the waterbodies of the central part European Russia (Moscow Region and adjacent areas) based upon own author’s samplings and museum collections. These are: Lymnaea (Corvusiana) corvus (Gmelin, 1791), Lymnaea (Corvusiana) gueretiniana (Servain, 1881), L. (S.) archangelica Kruglov et Starobogatov, 1986, L. (S.) fusca (C. Pfeiffer, 1821) sensu Kruglov, 2005, L. (S.) callomphala (Servain, 1881), L. (Peregriana) fulva (Küster, 1862), Anisus (Costorbis) strauchianus (Clessin, 1886), Physa taslei Bourguignat, 1862, and Pseudosphaerium pseudosphaerium (Favre, 1927). The data on their ecology and distribution in the region are given alongside with diagnostic characters, taxonomic and nomenclatorial remarks. This newly obtained information is useful for more exact zoogeographical characterization of the region. It has been shown that the malacofauna of the upper Volgian drainage basin is, possibly, not so zoogeographically peculiar as it was considered earlier.

Новые данные о пресноводной малакофауне центра Европейской России и распространении некоторых видов пресноводных моллюсков
Палатов Д.М.; Винарский М.В.;