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The patterns of the migration activity of 43 species of land snails and slugs were analyzed on the basis of both original and literature data. Different species of terrestrial mollusks demonstrate significant intra- and interspecific differences in their migratory abilities. During short-term experiments, the distance from release point was determined mainly by displacement of individuals by random (Brownian) motion. Random events of passive dispersal of the snails (homing) were observed in the course of the long-term experiments lasting several years. The possibility of passive dispersal of terrestrial mollusks by means of different mechanisms (anemochory, hydrochory, zoochory and anthropochory) has been shown. Two distinct spatial scales in the process of the terrestrial mollusks invasion (transcontinental and intra-continental) were distinguished. Most cases of transcontinental invasion represent mainly the transfer of European species to Africa, North and South America, and Australia.

Активная и пассивная миграция наземных моллюсков: обзор
Крамаренко С. С.;