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Rare European species Pupilla pratensis is registered in the same calcareous fen in the Crimean Mountains, where Vertigo moulinsiana, another rare European species, was found earlier. Both species are known in Ukraine only from this one small site (less than 0.01 km2), which is disturbed and not protected, therefore both species are clearly “Critically Endangered” here. In the materials of Pupilla muscorum from Ukraine there are some unusual large specimens with shell width 1.9-2.0 mm were revealed, therefore these two species can’t be distinguished only by this characteristic, how it was partly considered before.

Первая находка Pupilla pratensis для Украины в Крымских горах с замечаниями о его природоохранном статусе и отличиях от Pupilla muscorum (Stylommatophora, Pupillidae)
Балашёв И. ;