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Carl Agardh Westerlund (1831–1908) was a prominent Swedish malacologist, who studied taxonomy and distribution of continental molluscs (terrestrial and freshwater). He established a number of new taxa, some of them are still accepted as valid. In this study, we provide information on type materials of 41 species of freshwater snails introduced by Westerlund and accepted in the current Russian taxonomy. The study is based on examination of materials from original Westerlund’s collection dispersed now among three large scientific institutions (Göteborgs Naturhistorska Museum, Swedish Museum of Natural History, and Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences). For each species an account containing all relevant information on its type series is given. Taxonomic and nomenclatorial notes are also presented. For the majority of taxa, shells of type specimens are illustrated. The lectotypes for Limnaea truncatula var. sibirica Westerlund 1885, Planorbis dispar Westerlund 1871, Planorbis concinnus Westerlund 1881, Planorbis stroemi Westerlund 1881 and Physa sibirica Westerlund 1881 as well as the neotype for Planorbis borealis Lovén in Westerlund, 1875 are designated here.

Типовые материалы видов пресноводных брюхоногих моллюсков, описанных К.А. Вестерлюндом и принятых в современной систематике моллюсков: таксономическое и номенклатурное исследование
Винарский М.В.; Нехаев И.О.; Глоэр П.; фон Прошвиц Т. ;