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Minute turriform conoideans comprise a considerable fraction of the taxonomically undescribed diversity of marine mollusks. Species of the genus Lienardia, Jousseaume, 1884, extremely diverse in shallow water tropical marine communities, have long been overlooked by taxonomists and a high proportion of them remain undescribed to date. Development of a specialized collection technique, based on deployment of lumun-lumun nets have provided a vast amount of material on this group and enable several new species to be distinguished. Examination of material from the Philippines and other regions of tropical Indo-Pacific revealed five new species of the genus Lienardia, which are being described as L. acrolineata, L. grandiradula, L. multicolor, L. roseangulata and L. tagaroae. Examination of radulae in described species of the genus Lienardia shown unexpected morphologic diversity. It suggests that either rapid morphological specialization of Lienardia members had taken place in the evolution of the genus, or similarity of shells in Lienardia species is possibly convergent.

Пять новых видов рода Lienardia (Conidae: Gastropoda) из центральных Филиппин
Федосов А.Э.;