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Morphology of the slugs, variability of their coloration, external structure of the distal parts of reproductive system, internal structure of the atrium and oviduct were studied. The considerable inter- and intrapopulation variability of the ligula was revealed. The structure of spermatophores and their parts, separate stages of the mating behaviour of the slugs were shown. Short description of the life cycle is given. Morphological, anatomical and behaviour peculiarities of the Western-Ukrainian slugs from the Arion lusitanicus complex  are compared with the published data for Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

Морфологические, анатомические и поведенческие особенности слизней из комплекса Arion lusitanicus (Arionidae) на западе Украины
Гураль-Сверлова Н. В.; Гураль Р. И.;