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The analysis of L. maximus allozymic variability on the Dnieper right-bank Ukraine territory testifies to the balanced proportion of homo- and heterozygotic genotypes in populations in most cases. Thus, this species is reproduced mostly amphimicticly. In some cases, probably, automixis takes place and leads to genotypes fixing in homozygotic state. This specis is characterized with stable chromosome numbers (n=31, 2n=62) and chromosome arms (NF=124). L. maximus morphometric parameters vary greatly but geographic tendencies this species morphological variability have not been found.

Генетическая структура популяций и морфологическая изменчивость Limax maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pulmonata, Limacidae) Правобережной Украины
арбар А.В.; Чернышова Т. Н.; Гарбар Д.А.;