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Limpet fauna of the Holarctic genus Acroloxus Beck, 1837 was examined in Lake Baikal. Morphology of protoconch and teleoconch of three species (A. baicalensis Kozhov, 1936, A. orientalis Kruglov et Starobogatov, 1991 and possible new Acroloxus species) was studied with SEM. Additional shell characters were described for A. baicalensis, collected from its type locality. Distribution of representatives of the genus Acroloxus in Lake Baikal and its basin was discussed.

Фауна и морфология раковины чашечек рода Acroloxus Beck (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Acroloxidae), населяющих озеро Байкал (с замечаниями по акролоксидам Забайкалья)
Широкая А.А.; Прозорова Л.А.; Ситникова Т.Я.; Матафонов Д.В.; Альбрехт К ;