pp. 91 -

The shell and radula comparative and illustrated description of all three genera of the family Valvatidae (Valvata s.str., Cincinna and Borysthenia), inhabiting the European fresh-waters are provided. Special emphasis paid to the embryonic shell and radula morphology of Cincinna piscinalis (Müller, 1774) — one of the most common valvatid species in Ukraine. Details of the protoconch of Borysthenia menkeana (Jelski, 1863) is studied with aid of the scanning electron microscopy for the first time. Embryonic shell of those species belonging to all genera discussed possesses identical type of ornamentation («woolen stocking »); it is revealed that valvatid species can be distinguished by proportions of their protoconch and partly by its size. Differences in dimensional characteristics of a protoconch confirm and complete the concept of generic independence of the discussed valvatid groups. Radula of valvatid is highly variable intraspecifically; its aptitude for the species differentiation is limited and requires of additional detailed study of significant set of new data. 

Сравнительная морфология раковины и радулы брюхоногих моллюсков семейства Valvatidae из Северного Причерноморья
Анистратенко О.; Дегтяренко Е.; Анистратенко В.;