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The structure of egg-clusters of two Siberian species of the subgenus Stagnicola (genus Lymnaea) is described for the first time. These are L. terebra (Westerlund, 1884) and L. likharevi Lazareva, 1967. Morphological peculiarities of egg-clusters of all Recent sections of Stagnicola are discussed. It has been shown that species of the section Ladislavella B. Dybowski, 1913 differ significantly in these features from other sections of the subgenus. It is an additional evidence for a certain taxonomic isolation of this group that was revealed earlier by means of karyologic analysis [Garbar, 2001, 2003] and DNA sequencing [Meier-Brook, Bargues, 2002; Bargues et al., 2003].

Строение синкапсул двух сибирских видов прудовиков (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae) и некоторые вопросы систематики подрода Stagnicola
Винарский М. В.;