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Based on the protoconch morphology the taxonomic position of the representatives of the genus Setia H. et A. Adams, 1852, inhabiting the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, is revised. Comparative analysis of shell shape and ornamentation of the embryonic shell suggests that this species is Setia valvatoides Milaschewitsch, 1909. Detailed description and SEM documentation of shell morphology is provided. The type material is revised and a lectotype for S. valvatoides is designated. Some morphological characters which have been used as a basis for establishing the subfamily Setiinae Anistratenko et Starobogatov, 1994 are discussed.

Морфология раковины и таксономия мелкого вида моллюсков рода Setia (Gastropoda: Rissoidae), обитающего в бассейне Черного моря
Анистратенко В. В.;