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In this study, we investigated anatomical differences between two morphs of Zonitoides nitidus with two and three stalks of spermathecal duct. An analysis of serial cross-sections of the reproductive tract distal part showed that only uppermost vaginal stalk is a genuine spermathecal duct. Other stalks are only connective-tissue strands. They are very variable in ways of their fusion with spermathecal duct, but, as a rule, inserted on vagina or connected with spermathecal duct. At the same time the lumens of the additional stalks are closed and mostly not connected with the lumen of spermathecal duct. The function of additional stalks is probably to support the complicated penial appendix and muscles of the stalks.

Организация протока семяприемника Zonitoides nitidus (Müller, 1774) (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Gastrodontidae)
Яковлев А. А.;