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New diagnosis of the genus Testudinalia (type species Patella tessulata Müller, 1776) is given. This genus is closest to the genus Lottia because both species Testudinalia tessulata and T. scutum have rudiments of the marginal teeth. The specific name Patella tesselata Müller, 1779 is an incorrect subsequent spelling. Original description of Patella testudinalia Müller, 1776 is exclusively brief and lacking the figures, and this name should be regarded as a nomen dubium. For the first time Testudinalia persona (= Notoacmea persona sensu Lindberg, 1981) was found in the Far Eastern seas of Russia.

О роде Testudinalia Moskalev, 1966 (Lottiidae, Patellogastropoda)
Чернышев А. В.; Чернова Т. В.;